Viagra & Cialis – the Little Blue Pill

The blue pill Viagra / Cialis The amazing little blue pill that I am using, Viagra, and probably most of you that are having problem with erection could probably be lots more cheaply but not in the United States. The Europeans are lucky because the Viagra patent has expired and the generic version of Viagra will be flooding the European Marker. If you live in America, then you will need to wait until 2020, six more years in order for the generic version to the shores. Some counties have generic Viagra The brand name Viagra has flooded the Australian market with cialis Australia now being the #1 choice. Using the drug sildenafil citrate. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction. For the Pfizer company, Viagra has the 6th place for bestselling drug. More than 30 million men are using the drug in about 120 countries. There was a year that generated $2 billion dollars in sales all around the world for the New York based pharmaceutical company. When the drug was introduced in 1998, Pfizer held the exclusive worldwide rights in order to market the drug. There are still drug manufacturers that are planning to start selling the generic Viagra. Spain, Canada and other countries are getting generic Viagra form Teva Pharmaceuticals – NYSE: TEV.