What you Need to Know About Breast Implants Sydney

It’s no secret that breast implants have had their fare share of criticism over the years, but is it any wonder that they remain one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries to date? Whether you want to improve your look, boost your confidence, or even reconstruct your breasts after an important surgery, breast implants can offer many women a whole new lease of life. So, let’s take a look at what you need to know about breast implants.

Types of breast implant

When it comes to the types of breast implant, there are two options available. The first are silicone shells that are filled with saline (sterile salt water), and the second are silicone shells that filled with silicone (a plastic gel).

What to know about the breast implant procedure

There is currently an age requirement for breast implant surgery. As the female body can continue to develop breasts until women reach between 18 and 21, the FDA has stipulated that breast augmentation with saline-filled implants should only be carried out on women over the age of 18, whereas augmentation with silicone implants should only be carried out on women over the age of 22.

Before any surgical procedure, you will be required to meet with your surgeon, so that he/she can carry out a medical evaluation. Use this time to discuss what you expect from the surgery and get some feedback.

It is important to note that you can get breast augmentation done as an outpatient procedure as the procedure itself only takes one to two hours to complete, but you can opt to stay at the hospital overnight if you have any concerns.

Possible Complications

Although getting breast implants is a cosmetic procedure, any kind of surgery has possible complications. Be aware of the following risks:

• Breast pain
• Changes in the way breasts and nipples feel
• Scar tissue forming and hardening around the implant
• Bleeding
• Problems with the size or shape of each implant
• Infection

Remember that in rare cases, implants may rupture and leak, so be aware that if a saline implant deflates, it is likely to have leaked. Women who have silicone implants are required to have an MRI scan three years after surgery, and subsequent MRI scans every two years to ensure that they remain intact.

It may also be worth it to bear in mind that breast implants are not designed to last, so you may need to have them replaced at some point in the future.

Lastly, having breast implants can hinder you when it comes to certain aspects of your life. It will be more difficult to get a mammogram (although there are special X-ray views that can be done in extreme circumstances), there is a small chance that breast implants can increase your chances of developing breast cancer, and breast implants can make it notably more difficult for you to breastfeed.